Welcome to MoGeo Photographic

We hope you enjoy these selections, which reflects the broad reach of our work; from the wild and wonderful world we live in, to the visualisations of our imagination. Based in the East of England, we are able to access all of he UK's magnificent countryside, fascinating urban areas from new towns to London and the magnificent coastline. Of course Europe is also on the doorstep. So watch this space!

In addition to providing images for your home, shop, restaurant or office; we provide photo restoration and digital design services. Please look at our services page and then contact us for further information and a quotation.

We look forward to and indeed relish, your feedback; so please feel free to leave your comments in our guestbook.

MoGeo Photographic is the collaboration of Mary Patrick and George Vranjkovic

We are based in Hertfordshire in the East of England (a region of the UK). So, much of our work derives from the setting in which we have the good fortune to find ourselves.

Mary has been finding her style over the past few years. She has now completed the ACA (Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop). Her current inspiration is rooted in realism, being particularly inspired by the serenity of wide open spaces, the natural landscape and nature itself; both expansive panoramas and detailed macro shots.

George (BA Hons: Fine Art) having sold a number of his paintings in the past, has now found his way to photography courtesy of the digital revolution. His current interests are macro photography. He is also very skilled in producing images from his own imagination!

Despite these differing styles, we inspire and compliment each other; both of us having a hand in the processing of these images, making them truly collaborative works of art.

In addition we offer digital design and photo restoration services; for more information about these, please look at the Services page and feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We will be delighted to assist.